Imperial War Museum, Duxford, 30th December 2015

The Christmas period is an odd time of year. You spend several days running around seeing people and then you have a number of days where you are just killing time until New Year.

Rather than sit on our arses and get bored, the wife and I took a trip to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. The weather was a bit pants, and I dislike photography in museums due to the inconsistent lighting, but it was nice to wander around to kill keep occupied.

Propeller and engine of the Avro Lancaster located in the site’s Air Space exhibition hangar.

English Electric Canberra hanging from the ceiling. Planes like these were based at my local former RAF base at Wyton.

Bomb bay of Avro Vulcan XJ824.

Vulcan Rolls Royce engines. With the recent grounding of XH558 no longer will we hear the howl of these things at full throttle.

Hawker Siddeley Harrier which served in the Falklands.

Looking towards the cockpit of the museum’s test model Concorde.

Handley Page Victor XH648.

B17 “Sally B” with livery to reflect the “Memphis Belle” variant of the aircraft.

A Spitfire in the restoration hangar. A lot of the aircraft in this hangar are privately owned and are loaned to the museum or being restored/maintained.

Mustang P51D, again in the restoration hangar.

Hawker Hurricane in the hangar dedicated to the Battle Of Britain which at the time of my visit was 75 years ago.

This Messerschmitt actually crashed landed and has been restored for display purposes.

Manufacturers plate from the winch vehicle of the WWII barrage balloons.

de Havilland Vampire.

Eurofighter Typhoon.

Hawker Hunter.

Gloster Javelin XH897.

So this was my last visit in 2015. I will probably return later this year when the weather is better and the American section of the museum is open again.

At some point early this year, I am planning to take my site a bit more seriously, and spend a bit of money to make it a more permanent fixture, so keep an eye out for changes.


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