Imperial War Museum, Duxford, 20th December 2016

Owing to a number of things that have happened this year, I still had a few days leave left to take before the end of December, so I decided to take them.

I recently purchased a new camera, a Nikon D7200, which I have been desperate to try out.

You might remember that last year I went to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. We didn’t get round it all as the weather was a bit pants, so I decided to grab my camera and go back.

I spent about 4 hours there, just wandering casually. It was dead quiet so I was able to play around with my camera more so than I had hoped.

I did visit a lot of the same exhibitions, but also covered more than I did previously. I have done my best to filter out repeats.

The legendary Merlin engine. This provided power to Spitfires, Lancasters, Hurricanes and Mosquitoes during the war. The sound is distinctive and one I personally love.

The ever majestic Avro Lancaster.

Still one of my favourite aircraft. Since the grounding of XH558, we won’t get to witness the distinctive Vulcan howl again.

Tornado GR18, workhorse of the RAF.

Hawker Fury.

V1 rocket, or “doodlebug” as it was commonly known, the scourge of British cities in the latter years of the war.

Recreation of the 1940’s war room. This started off on the site, but was later (during the cold war) moved off site to a safer location.

Handley Paige Victor being stripped down for restoration. Really pleased to see it is getting some TLC, it has looked rather sad over the past few years. I believe this version was the B1 varient, converted to act as an in air refuelling tanker.

USAF A10 Thunderbolt (Warthog)

C47 “Dakota”. Whilst used extensively during WWII, these are best known for carrying airbourne troops to france for D-Day.

SR71 Blackbird.

Mustang P51D, another one of my favourite old war birds.

B25 Mitchell.

Given the scale of the B52, it was impossible to get any half decent pictures of it, so you will just have to settle for one of the power units.


USAF F15 Eagle.

WWI transport truck.

British 17″ gun.

Soviet T34 tank.

Monty’s tank (or one of, he may have used 2) from the African front. The exhibit also includes his command, sleeping and entertaining trucks, which were mostly stolen from other armies during the course of his battles.

Axis half track.

British Chieftain tank.

I didn’t realise that next year marks the 100th year of Duxford as an operational airfield. I suspect they will do some things to mark it, so if you haven’t been keep an eye out.

That pretty much wraps up this year. I hope you have enjoyed following along with me, and if I don’t post before, have a great christmas and happy new year.

As always, thanks for looking in 2016.


One thought on “Imperial War Museum, Duxford, 20th December 2016

  1. Reblogged this on IWM London is Changing and commented:
    Some fantastic pictures taken at IWM Duxford of the following: Merlin engine, Avro Lancaster, XH558, Tornado GR18, Hawker Fury, V1 rocket, Handley Paige Victor, USAF A10 Thunderbolt, C47 “Dakota”, SR71 Blackbird, Mustang P51D, B25 Mitchell, B52, USAF Spad VII, USAF F15 Eagle, WWI transport truck, British 17″ gun, Soviet T34 tank, Monty’s tank, Axis half track and British Chieftain tank. Courtesy of Rob at MyCreativeHeadspace.

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